Pantry Products Needed


Any Size Package

These Items are divided up & repackaged, so any size is accepted.

Toilet paper
Paper towels
Emery board
Dental floss
Toothbrushes (child & adult)
Lip balm
Band aids
Antibiotic Cream
DIAPERS (all sizes but especially larger)       
PULL-UPS (all sizes)
Tampons (Regular only)
Sanitary Pads (Super only)


Defined Size Items

Items should be AT LEAST the sizes below, but may be bigger!

Laundry detergent, liquid (>32 loads)
Dish Soap (12 oz)
Vinegar (16 oz)
Baking Soda (16 oz)
Toothpaste (6 oz)
Body bar soap (4 oz)
Shaving Cream (10 oz)
Skin lotion (10 oz)
Shampoo (12 oz)
Conditioner (12 oz)
Baby Wipes (72 count pack)

Drop off donated products at any of our sponsor churches:


Arbor Covenant

All Saints Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Memorial United Church of Christ

The Church at Christ Memorial (LCMS)






















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